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"...being an indie artist is new to him, and he can sure use all the good advice and mentoring he can get, so THANK YOU for your wonderful organization. Thank you, thank you."

Kim Paris

About Us

The Independent Country Music Association (ICoMA) exists to promote indie country music and the people who create it. Whether you need to network with others who may help your career, need services such as web hosting, radio production, etc. at a discounted price, or simply have questions or need advice ICoMA is here to help you.

We offer many opportunities exclusive to ICoMA, including possible inclusion in our annual awards program, our very own music chart, and our "Country Dreams" newsletter. "Country Dreams" is also the name of our syndicated radio program (currently on hiatus) that we blow the dust off for special occasions. If you're coming to Nashville, we have relationships with lodging providers, studios, clubs, etc. and we'd love to give you general advice on the area as well.

So if you're looking to start a Country music career, or simply want to find some like-minded friends to hang out with, consider a membership to ICoMA today right here.